The total surface of the estate is about 135 ha., of which 32 ha. are forests, 28 ha. is arable land and 75 ha. are pastures, all concentrated around the three buildings and thus making it one large parcel.
Our most important activities are taking care of the sheep (lambing season, extra food during the dry and winter season), and trying to come to a total food autonomy (making hay, ploughing, sowing, ...) without using any chemical-synthetic products or genetically manipulated organisms.  We are very proud to have an Ecocert licence, stating us to be a biological farm.

The maintenance of the 25 kms. of fences takes also quite some work and time.  During winter we have the time to do a check-up of the machines and buildings and making the necessary repairs.  We also provide for our own heating wood and timber wood for repairing the roofs.  Everybody helps according to his or her abilities.